Check Out a Few of Our Service Areas

Check Out a Few of Our Service Areas

Earl's Limousines is a family run business that has been in operation since 2001 and has an extensive fleet of limousines and Hummer limos that will meet your every need.  Our professional and knowledgeable chauffeurs who cater to our clients' every need are what make Earls Limousines the best at what we do and keep our customers returning time after time.  Our primary service areas are in Manchester, Liverpool, Cheshire and Warrington.

Earls Limousines is one of Manchester’s top limousine providers and our chauffeurs know the Manchester area in and out and know the best restaurants, bars, shops, hotels and locations in this diverse, energetic and exciting city.  They can get you to your location and can do so in the luxury and comfort that is Earls Limousines.

We are also one of the leading limousine providers in Liverpool, and our experienced and knowledgeable chauffeurs know this great city and can help you with your every need.  Our chauffeurs know the best restaurants, bars, entertainment venues and shopping areas that make Liverpool a great city to visit.

Earls Limousines is also one of the principle limousine providers for Cheshire and have some of the best trained and most knowledgeable chauffeurs in the city and offers a wide selection of limousines and Hummer limos that are available in a broad range of colours and sizes that will suit your need.   Our chauffeurs can and will make your trip to Cheshire special since they know this great city as a native would.

We are also one of the main limousine providers for Warrington and our chauffeurs have such extensive knowledge and experience of this city that we have gained a strong customer base in Warrington and have a reputation for providing great service and for providing high quality limos at very competitive prices.   Our chauffeurs can help you navigate this city with ease and will provide the kind of service that is second to none.