Proposing to her on New Year's Eve? Make it Memorable

Proposing to her on New Year's Eve? Make it Memorable

New Year's Eve is said to be the fifth most popular day in the world to propose. If that's in your plans this year as well, these tips can help you make it absolutely unforgettable.

·         Choose a ring she'll love. Obviously the ring is going to play the center of attention when you propose, so do some research before you buy. You may want to even take someone else along to make sure you make the right choice. Whatever you pick, make sure it's from the heart. Choose something she'll love.

·         Pick the right place. Maybe it's where the two of you first met. Perhaps it's where you went on your first date. It could be somewhere that you both had a really great time. No matter where it is, put a bit of thought into the place you plan to propose. From parks to pubs to beautiful dining spaces, Manchester has many options. Just be sure you have a sentimental one in mind.

·         Reserve your limo. There is so much happening on New Year's eve. You're going to have to reserve your limo now. After all, if you end up sitting in traffic when you should be proposing, it's going to be a very disappointing evening indeed. When you book a limo with us now, though, you're going to have all of your transportation needs handled, and you'll be ready to propose when the clock strikes 12.

A New Year's Eve proposal can be the most romantic thing you've ever done, and we can help. With all of your transportation needs covered, you can focus on what's really important that night - her. Contact us to learn more about how we can make your evening very special.