14 Berth Tour/Band Bus

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Here we have are 14 Birth band Bus new to the fleet used by the pop stars when going on there Music Tour this has been used by Tom Jones and Beyoncé to name a few.

This has so many uses as it has 14 beds on it along with 2 Vip lounge areas both with TV/DVD/PlayStation/Music systems/toilet /kitchen allowing you to travel in comfort whatever the occasion .

See below for some ideas that you could use it for ;

  • Music festivals (this takes glamping to another level)
  • Sleep Overs-(If you child has to many friends and not enough beds you could hire this to park up outside your house and they could all sleep on it)
  • Weddings(Keep all your guests at your venue if getting hotels is a problem)
  • Race or sporting events
  • Long distance events so you can sleep on the move and wake up at your destination .

You can also see this bus via its own website - click here

  • 14 Beds on board
  • On board toilet facilities
  • On Board Kitchen
  • Large TV & Games Console
  • VIP Lounge area
  • Luxury Tour Bus
  • Air-conditioned
  • Privacy glass