Booking Advice

Don’t be left high and dry when booking a limousine for that special occasion

To assist you with choosing the right Limousine Hire Company we have drawn up a simple guide of useful information to assist you in making the right decision.

Make sure you’re getting the Limousine you paid for and it is roadworthy and legal.
  • 1 - Check that the Limousine you’re paying for is what you will receive.  Ask for a brochure or email to provide particulars and documented information / images of the vehicle you’re ordering. Even better visit their premises. We operate an open door policy 7 days a week, where you are most welcome to view our luxury Limousine fleet.
  • 2 - Limousine Brokers - BEWARE of limousine brokers (they act as a middleman), they do not own their own fleet of vehicles and sell your business on to other companies - causing no end of problems. It’s always worth checking the company customer reviews via Google or a registered review site. Earls Limousines are a family run business and personally owns all limousines you see advertised on the fleet section.
  • 3 - COIF – or certificate of initial fitness - This certificate is required by law for all limousines carrying over 8 passenger. Any reputable company should be able to supply a copy of this upon requested. Earls Limousines carry a copy of this certificate in each vehicle.
  • 4 - Insurance - Check that insurance is valid (Hire and reward insurance); again copies should be supplied upon request. Earls Limousines carry a copy of this certificate in each vehicle.
  • 5 -Booking confirmation in writing - Confirmation of booking should be supplied in writing, outlining the requested vehicle you have booked the date/time/ address along with the agreed price deposit paid and balance due. You will receive this from Earls Limousines  within 3 business days.
  • 6 -NLCA - The National Limousine & Chauffeur Association. We are proud to be members of our industry recognised body, and any reputable company should be too.
  • 7 - Operating under VOSA - Limousines carrying over 8 passengers must run under hire and reward and be VOSA registered. VOSA carryout regular roadside safety inspection iIf the vehicle you’re traveling in is not registered or deemed illegal or unsafe it will be taken of the road immediately.  To ensure customer safety and satisfaction at all times, our fleet of vehicles are maintained to the highest standards, both mechanically and cosmetically, being safety check by a VOSA inspection centre every 10 weeks.
  • 8 - CRB – Earls Limousines chauffeurs are fully CRB checked to ensure your children are in safe hands.