Covid-19 Message

With the announcement yesterday of the road map out of all the restrictions, we have been under we are very happy to start taking bookings for all those special occasions in 2021 from April with some restrictions for limo hire until all restrictions are due to be lifted On June 21st.🥳🥳🍷🍺

We are still open and takings bookings for future dates and are saying to customers we are happy to be flexible(subject to availability)if they need to move their booking to another date in these uncertain times.

We are not taking any deposit for any bookings until July 31st 2021that gives you peace of mind if Covid restrictions stop us from providing the limo then you simply cancel the limo at no cost to you or just move the booking.

Keep Calm and Party on! 🥳🍺
Jay and the Team

Think About our Corporate Travel Services for 2018!

Think About our Corporate Travel Services for 2018!

If you're going to grow your business over the course of the next year, you need an efficient, reliable method of transportation to ensure you hit all of the right events and meetings. Not only will you want to use it, but you'll likely want to invest in it for potential partners, clients, and investors too. Time can be money, and the wrong transportation choices could not only affect your ability to reach a destination, but it could also change the way people look at your company too. Earl's Limousines can help.

Conduct Business On-the-Go

Perhaps one of the most important things we do is ensure you can focus on your company. When you're in one of our limos on the way to the airport, an event, or a meeting, you can focus on those last minute touches necessary to make sure your presentation is perfect. It's a chance to sit back, relax, and focus on your mindset instead of the traffic around you. You can even take important calls or answer emails so that you stay ahead of the game.

Avoid Parking Issues

Whether it's the airport, a conference center, or a busy office building, parking can always be an issue. When you work with Earl's Limousines, though, it's never a problem. Selecting our service means you reach your destination on time, so you'll never miss your flight or a meeting again.

Presenting a Better Image

Clients and investors want to know your company is already a success before they begin working with you. Booking Earl's Limousines in advance can help make that possible. We'll ensure you project an atmosphere of professionalism from the start. From beautiful vehicles to reliable drivers, we can help your company look amazing any time we're sent to pick up clients or investors.

Ready to change the way you do business? Begin booking all of your corporate travel needs with us in 2018.