Limo Hire Middlewich

Limo Hire Middlewich

For the best limousine hire in Middlewich, choose Earl’s Limousines. We are second to none when it comes to the quality of service we provide. With the very best vehicles including our popular Hummers, you are guaranteed to receive a professional and personal service to suit your needs whilst in Middlewich. Your driver will be friendly and knowledgeable and can recommend the best places to visit whilst you enjoy your stay. Middlewich is very accessible due to the excellent transport links, but driving around whilst visiting can still be stressful. Earl’s Limousine hire in Middlewich can help enhance your visit whilst taking away the stress of parking and traffic.

Eating, Drinking and Nightlife

Middlewich has a great range of pubs and bars perfect for those looking for a great night out in this picturesque town. The Big Lock, the Vaults and The Narrowboat are all worth a visit, especially when touring via Middlewich limousine hire. There is a restaurant to suit any taste and budget in Middlewich, from the Indian Cheshire Restaurant to the OK Diner. Kandi Café Bar and Grill is highly recommended along with Middlewich Spice and Lee’s. Your Middlewich limo hire driver can recommend the best places to eat and drink whilst visiting this historical town.


The Middlewich Cricket Club is perfect for cricket fans to visit, whilst those interested in boats can try a trip hosted by Andersen Boats or Middlewich Narrowboats. As Middlewich is so picturesque, a simple walk around the town can be intriguing and interesting whilst admiring the architecture of the buildings.


Middlewich has plenty to offer the tourist retail-wise, including a great local market which features the finest of local produce. There are many shops to choose from, such as the typical high street stores to the finest of independent stores. Recommended to visit are the Harvest Store, House of Feathers and The Gallery. Your Middlewich limo hire can assist you in shopping by dropping you off, picking you up and storing your bags safely until you return to your hotel.


Middlewich initially built its entire industry on the production of salt. Today, Middlewich instead uses it’s excellent transport links to help with the industry and ensures it remains a great town to live in and visit as it is so easily accessible. This area of Cheshire is steeped in history which is visible just from the buildings that are dotted around the town. The houses are framed in black and white timber, the church still stands from the 12th century and the Trent and Mersey Canal are still spectacular to walk along. Limo hire in Middlewich is perfect to help visit the historical sites quickly and efficiently, allowing you to get as much done as possible.