Head to Manchester for the Cider and Beer Festival

Head to Manchester for the Cider and Beer Festival

Welcome to the “Cask Beer Capital of Britain.” Manchester is making a name for itself as the home of exceptional cask beer, craft ale and cider – and thirsty connoisseurs are taking notice. The Manchester Beer and Cider Festival draws people from all over the UK and the world. Interested? If you have taste buds, you should be!

In 2017, the Festival featured 750 different beers and ciders. Were they tasty? Well, revelers put down over 62,000 pints, so we’d say so! The food wasn’t so bad either. The best local and national street vendors came, loaded with crowd-pleasing bites.

What’s on tap for this year? Guided tastings by renowned beer experts, stands featuring traditional pub games, interesting fruit wines, an even bigger variety of beers and ciders and – best of all for some – shorter queues for the toilets!

The Festival will be held January 24-27, 2018, and entrance fees are ridiculously reasonable. For an event at which you can try beers and ciders that tickle your taste buds, the price of admission is well worth it. Buy your tickets now online!

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